The Processor,

the graphic card,

and the Ram

are responsible for the performance of your PC.

if you are trying to upgrade your PC

then you should have knowledge about your motherboard.

Your motherboard allows you to look up at the documents that you need from your manufacturer.

The motherboard gives you an idea

about what you can run on your PC.

The hardware revolves around the motherboard,

it is because

all other parts fit into the body of a PC.

What motherboard do I have?

I know,

this question is eradicating your mind.


Don’t worry about that,

I will give the answer to your questions step by step.

Believe me,

we will have a good journey,

you gonna enjoy

and definitely,

you will learn something new.

Let’s watch the whole show!

How do I Figure Out

What Motherboard I Have?

If you need to identify your board,

then you need to learn the following things.

It is as simple as it sounds!

I will tell you the three simple ways to figure out what motherboard do I have.

Dive In for more details!


Visually Identifying Your Motherboard

# Power off your System

If you really want to make changes in your system,

then you need to move your system or your computer.

Be sure

that all back cables should be detached

so that

you can do it without any hassle.

Note that!

This method is only for desktop users,

if you want to do it

on your laptop,

then there is another way,

that I will explain you later on.

It’s not at all easy to find out the motherboard of your laptop.


# Lay Down the case on the Operational Surface

Lay it down on one side,

so that

you can easily access the system.

All the attachments on the back are closest to the operational surface.

These attachments are close to the motherboard

and also going to help you to determine the correct side.

In simple words,

you will come to know that if it is laid on the correct side or not.


# Open the Case

Here you gonna met with the thumbscrews,

which are securing the panel.

I think

you need to use the screwdriver

as the

thumbscrews are sometimes bit tight.

They are located on the backside at the running edge of the tower.


when you are done with the screw removal,

open the panel


you are opening or sliding the door.


# Check out the number

When you are done with the opening,

you need to find or check out the number.

You are almost there!


find out the motherboard model number,

the motherboard model number is written


printed on the motherboard.

It may be located at the different location also.

It may be located

at the RAM slots, between the PCI slots or near the CPU sockets.

It can be a model number without the manufacturer list.


nowadays many new motherboards are listed with both;

The model number


the manufacturer list.

You may see lots of mesh of the wires,


motherboard model number is written in the bold text and the clear text.

You have to unplug the things very carefully which comes under the way,

may be because of dust you may not be able to see the motherboard model number.


you have to make it clean first.

The motherboard model number

is a collection of 5-7 digits long numbers and the letters.


# Look up at the model number

If you are unable to find out

the manufacturer printed on the motherboard.

Then, Wait!

You are left with one more option.

You will say thanks

to me

when I utter that.

It is quite obvious!

You just need to enter the motherboard model number


the search engine

and you are through.

This is how you can easily find out the manufacturer with the help of motherboard model number.

This method gonna give you the complete knowledge about the “What motherboard do I have”?

Is that finished?


No, we are not through yet!

We need to explore some more methods,

come right this way!


Identifying Your Motherboard Using CPU-Z


there is another method

that we have for you.

You can identify your motherboard using CPU-Z.

You gonna get the answer of your question;

“What motherboard do I have”?

Let’s watch how?


# Download plus install the CPU-Z

You can download this one from the CPUID.

Other hardware programs


PC Wizard, AIDA64, and HWMonitor can be used.

This is a free option

that can give you information about your computer.


# Run CPU-Z

You need to run this CPU-Z on your system,

once it is installed and runs,

it will take few microseconds

to gather the information about your system.


# Choose the “Mainboard Tab” from the menu

This gonna give you information about your motherboard.

If you need to get information about the other hardware installed,

then you can choose other options.

Is that clear now?

Now it becomes easy to find out “What motherboard do I have”?


Check The BIOS ID

# Open the system information window

This one is also the simple method.

Press the (Windows tab+ R),

this you do to open the RUN dialog bar.

Now type < m s i n f o 3 2 > and hit the ENTER.


# Find out the “BIOS Version/Date” entry

You can see your BIOS ID.

may be or may not be

you get a chance

to see your motherboard and manufacturer in the motherboard and manufacturer entries.

But this is hit and trial method.


# Decode your BIOS ID

The windows system information is going to tell you that whether you have an American Megatrends.Inc or the Award BIOS.

This will determine

about how to decode your BIOS ID.

Award: The first five digits are the chipsets and the other two digits are the manufacturer. If you want to identify your motherboard, then you can use the charts here to identify your motherboard.

AMI: By the last four digits of the third group of members, you can identify your motherboard number.

This is how you can know “what motherboard do I have”?

Words Of Cessation

Well! Well! Well!

We have talked about different methods

to find out the “what motherboard do I Have”?

All the methods are simple and unique.

I hope that

you have gained something fruitful

by reading this sharing of mine.

Tell me

if you have any question,

I would love to answer them all.

Take care!


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