DNC – This means Democratic national committee. It is composed of chairs and vice-chairs of individual state. The governing body was established in the early 1848. DNC is the approved governing body for United states democratic party. This governing body coordinates policies and strategies that support all the party candidates in that committee as well as regulating and coordinating the democratic national convention that is conducted after every four years in order to nominate a candidate for presidency and come up with a party podium.


Democratic national committee hack
Democratic national committee hack
DNC HACK – Democratic national committee hack is believed to be done by Russia during the united state elections in 2016. In 2016 democratic intelligence agencies come to a conclusion that Wiki leaks hacked emails from the governing body since they had a direct connection to Kremie. Though wiki leaks refused to disclose its source someone by the name Guccifer took responsibility of the leak. Emails that were hacked from DNC was a collection of 19252 emails and 8034 attachments , this leak contributed to the resignation of the chair person Debbie Schultz and afterwards the director resigned due to the same controversies. In November 6th 2016, Wiki Leaks disclosed the second batch of DNC emails making them to total at a sum of 8263 emails.
Russia manipulated and hacked
Russia manipulated and hacked
It was concluded that Russia manipulated and hacked the election during the 2016 United states elections so as to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming the president. Why the Russian government was accused of hacking the 2016 elections in the united states by the US intelligence is because the Russian president Vladimir Putin highly favored Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Russian president commanded an influence campaign with the main aim of aiding Donald Trump, undermining hope and faith in the election and sabotaging Hillary Clinton presidency who was a potential opponent to Trump.

Russian government denied continuously that they had any involvement in the sabotage, and Wiki leaks prime founder Juliana Assange affirmed that Russia was not involved in the leaks. Even after the claim James Clapper the director of national intelligence testified to the senate committee in the beginning of 2017 that Russia did not only hack the 2016 election but they also lied and spread counterfeit news that the social media promoted. Cyber security firms such as Fidelis, threat connect an mandit also said that the cyber attacks was done by Russian intelligence. President Obama commanded that a report on foreign interventions in elections to be issued but Donald Trump turned down the report claiming that democrats are reacting in that manner because they had loosed the election and couldn’t stand defeat. Donald Trump said that the hacking of the Democratic National Committee is a good example as to why the country needs effective cyber security controls and measures. Trump also said that DNC was terribly and successfully hacked and RNC had a strong defense system that’s why it wasn’t hacked.

The main reasons why the intelligence agencies in the united stated claimed that Russia was involved in hacking DNC was that:

The attacker registered using a misspelled domain name that is used to phish emails attacks on DNC employees and was connected to an IP address that is associated with APT

The malware found on DNC computers was the same as the one of the two hacking group believed to be Russian intelligence units. The malware was programmed to communicate with the IP address linked with APT.

The data that was in the leaked file by Guccifer was shown to be modified by a user who goes by the name Cyrillic Felix Edmundovich. The user is referenced as the beginner of a Soviet era top secret police force. Other documents that contained cyrillic data claiming that the document was edited on a using Russian language settings. Peculiar conversation with Guccifer published by Motherboard in June suggesting that he is not Romanian as they claimed. Emails sent via Yandex webmail provider based in Moscow. A link believed to have been used by APT Bear in the past was also used against Podesta.


Although there is strong evidence pointing that the Democratic email and accounts were hacked through phishing messages and a specific malware that was spread across the computers of DNC, and clear evidence that the attackers are the same group that was identified hacking other targets in the past. No single person has proven that the group that hacked DNC was Russian government or works for them. This remains a humongous mystery based on claims suggestions and misunderstanding. Facts remains that someone or a group of people hacked the DNC, the question is who did it? America as a nation deserve better answers.


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