There are thousands of articles on how to make money online. However, most them are sales pitches that are aimed at convincing you to sign up for some training sessions, seminars and webinars. Such websites give a bad name to online money making. However, it is possible to make money online. There are many legitimate ways to make money online, but the fact is that hosted predictive dialer they will not make you an overnight millionaire, but will help you make a living using the internet. With hard work and dedication, the following are legitimate ways to earn money online.

#1 Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a common way to earn money online. Successful freelancers earn between 60 cents to one dollar per word, with the amount increasing as they become more experienced in the field. Time and dedication are required to build a resume sälja faktura as well as a portfolio to be a freelance writer.

You have decided to be a freelance writer, but which sites do you start writing for? Or in short, where do you start? Here are some websites that are worth trying:

  • International Living

    The site pays an average of $75 for each post that is accepted. They generally deal with travel experiences from regions you have visited.


  • ListVerse

    For each post that is accepted, Listverse will pay you some cool $100. The article needs to be a list of ten things and at least 1,500 words.


  • FundsforWriters

    FundsforWriters earns you $50 on all posts that are accepted. Articles should be 500 words but of high quality.


  • TopTenz

    TopTenz earns you $50 for each post that is accepted, which should have a minimum of 1,500 words.


  • Textbroker

    With Textbroker, you earn around five cents per word when you reach a 5-star rating. To start, you are required to submit a sample, after which you will start writing.


    #2 Websites

    Websites pay for testing products, taking surveys as well as shopping. It is important to avoid scams, which is why I have suggested the following genuine websites:

    • InboxDollars

      The website involves in shopping and survey, with a $5 payment immediately after signing in.


  • Swagbucks

    With Swagbucks, you take surveys and use their search engine to earn some good money.


  • Fiverr

    With Fiverr, everything is paid at a rate of $5. You buy and sell gigs as well as graphic designs.


  • User Testing

    With user testing, you are paid $10 for testing a website. A pop test will take only 20 minutes.


    #3 Selling Goods

    After the rise of online auctions, the online selling market has become so popular. You may sell what you have in your store or what you no longer use at home. However, you need to be able to take good picture, open a PayPal account, do good business and above all, be honest.

    The following are websites that you can use to sell or buy goods online:

    • Amazon

      There is something called Fulfilled by Amazon, where you buy goods and ship them to Amazon for storage. When you sell the goods, Amazon ships them and sends you your money, minus the agreed share.


  • eBay

    With eBay, you may start a store or just sell stuff that you don’t use at home. That gives you some extra cash.


  • Facebook

    Facebook has swap shops that allow you to sell things on the local market. After joining swap shop groups, you take pictures of what you are selling, then you post and get a buyer.


  • CraigsList

    There are goods that are very hard to ship, or are not easily sold to persons outside your country. When you sell bulky items or those you don’t want to ship, CraigsList is the best choice. You sell your goods by just listing them.


    #4 Work at Home Companies

    Did you know that there are companies that hire you but ask you to work from home? Here are a number of such amazing companies:

    • Fast Chart

      With Fast Chart, you work as a medical transcriptionist from your home. If you meet the qualifications, you make a living from your home.


  • CrowdSource

    CrowdSource will let you work as a writer, editor or a microtask. You are allowed to choose the amount of work to do.


  • Leap Force

    Leap Force is a way used by google in the rating of websites to determine search engine rankings. They pay an average of $11 per hour.


  • SpeakWrite

    The website pays around $15 per hour to transcribe some information and allows you to set your favorable work schedule.


    #5 Blogging

    Blogging is obviously a major way of making money online. Blogging requires, discipline, persistence and patience. High traffic for your blog means more money. Here is how you can monetize your blog and earn good money:

    • Advertising

      With a blog, you may choose to sell advertising spots or sign up with companies such as or Google AdSense, something that earns you good money.


  • Membership

    Paid Membership areas on blogs provide exclusive content that are only accessible by members, something that earns you money.


  • Affiliates

    Affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate and FlexOffers allow you to promote services and products belonging to other people at a fee.


  • Services

    Paid services such as goal setting, life coaching and goal setting will earn you some extra cash using a blog. However, ensure that you are an expert in whatever field that you decide to venture into.


    Those are the options that you could explore and earn money online. Try the option that interests you, put some effort in it and you will start earning money online.


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