A person can have the best looking and coolest website out there but it may not do them any good. If people cannot find the webpage than even the best looking page may be useless. There are some ways to get noticed online. These 5 killer SEO tips and tricks to help promote the website and get noticed online.

#1 Choose the URL Name

This is an important thing to do for SEO before the site is live online. The URL is the domain name of the site. This is the first thing that people are going to see. This is also one of the first things that the search engines evaluate. The name of the site helps the search engines determine what the webpage is about and this will lead to the initial ranking. The URL needs to be easy to understand and give a clear message about the site. There should not be able special characters or hashtages used in the URL. Also be careful when building sites with WordPress or Blogspot. These and similar sites do offer free webpages. It is usually (name) If the name of the site is too long visitors will pass it by. It may be worth the extra couple of dollars to just have the name of the site at a .com.


#2 Make a Google Local Place Page

Many people look for service and places that are local to them. When a person performs a search by location the search engine will show the business near the top of the results even if their SEO rank is not that good. Local search results appear before the rest of the search results when someone is searching by location. Be sure that the website has the location listed and attached to it. This way when a local search is performed it will appear near the top of the results.


#3 Each Page Gets a Title and Description

Each page of the website should have its own title as well as a detailed description. This will help describe the entire site and will add some keywords into it. When a person hovers over the webpage a short description should be found. This is very important for search engines. It will help them realize that the page is about which will improve ranking. Search engines use this to determine the rank. Keywords can also be linked to these pages. This will also improve ranking.


#4 Use Alt Text

Any great webpage will have images on it. This will help keep the attention of the visitor and make them way to come to the page. No one wants to visit a website that is plain and boring. There are some great ways to use these images to increase SEO and ranking. Alt text should be added to each image. Search engines will pick up on this text and will be able to understand the image and what the site is about. Alt text is a short description of the image. It is only a couple of words. Every image on the website needs to have this. These words should describe what it being shown. Keywords can also be part of this description. This will help the website gets noticed. There is no need to write text for the background images. If the images do not have anything to do with the context of the site than they do not need a description either. The description should be accurate and short. People visiting the site will not be able to see them but the search engines will.


#5 Build Backlinks

This is a top SEO trick but many people overlook it. There are a number of site that will allow a website owner to post a profile for free. They can add backlinks to this as well. Soundcloud and similar online platforms will allow a person to use their sites for backlinks free of charge. The more platforms that are used the more popular the website will become. There are over 17 different well known programs that offer free banklink for webpages. There are some other ways to get backlinks from other websites. One of the best things to do is to talk to the owner of the site. Show them how the site is related to the content they are posting before asking to add a backlink. Backlinks can be a great way to attract new visitors and will help get the website noticed. These websites are already well established and can help a big help.

These SEO tips and tricks can help a person’s website get noticed online. By posting meaningful content on the site and using keywords wisely a website can appear near the top of the search results and will see an increase in traffic from visitors.


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