Facts first:

programming is not a bed of roses,

and it is not easy to learn.

Studying computer science doesn’t make it any easier either because as you all know;

the academics of computer science are purely mathematics.

I am not saying that mathematics is not useful,

but that’s not

what you require in the actual programming world.

There are over 20 million software developers globally,

which is why you must be relevant

and stand out, if you have to be among the successful developers.

To assist you stand out in the developers” world,

here are the strategies

you need to create an impact

in your career and be a successful, happy software developer.

The strategies have worked with many people

and have changed their programming careers,

and they will most definitely work for you.


Strategies that will turn you into a successful Programmer:

Be Passionate about Creating Solutions

Passion is very crucial to every programmer.

If you are to succeed in programming,

you must be passionate about the same.

Passion should drive you not money making.

Money should be just a reward for doing what you love most.

One question that

you should ask yourself is whether programming is your thing.

If you have passion in programming,

then it is your thing.

If your sole driver is money,

then it may be hard for you to make it in programming.

Mastering the skills of programming takes time,

which means

you will stay for some time before earning the kind of money that you want.

Being passionate

gives you the patience and allows you to learn in depth,


you want to know almost everything.

With passion,

programming becomes your work

and not some other tedious work or punishment.

If you are confident

that you are passionate with programming,

you will realize that

you are improving the world by offering solutions

that assist human beings in solving their problems with ease.


Practice, Practice, Practice

If you want

to make a living with programming,

you have to practice a lot.

The easiest way

to master and learn programming is to do little projects with consistency

and then proceed to the big ones,

which will help you make a living with it.

After making a choice

of the programming language

that you would wish to master,

start learning it immediately.

In the process, work on some mini projects like

“Blackjack’, ‘Love Calculator’ and ‘Hangman games.’

The subreddit contains over one thousand mini projects that you can try.


just like anything else in life is hard when you start,


it gets better as time moves along.


consistency in practicing reaps the best fruits.

Always practice and motivate yourself.


It is one thing to know

how to solve problems theoretically

and an entirely different thing to solve it in programming,

and it means that

you have to take programming exercises.


Always Learn Beyond the Classroom

We all know that

it is fun to learn in classrooms with friends,


do colleges give you the opportunity to code?

The answer, of course, is no.

Majority of schools

will teach you programming language,

with you may have little or no interest in,


if you wanted to specialize in web development.


important aspects of programming such as JavaScript miss in some School Programming Curriculums.

Many schools teach the “C” language,

which can be really disinteresting.

Many languages that are taught in schools are outdated

and do not exist in the programming world, ‘QBasic’ being an example.

If you do not learn beyond the classroom,

you may end up with only the theory of mathematics and computer science.

Do not misunderstand me,

colleges teach programming in a structured way

that can be beneficial,


a majority of the professional programmers are successful


of what they learnt “outside class” and not what they learnt “inside class.”


what you learn “inside class”

helps you

with the basics.

Never try to scavenge information on yourself


learn for free with “access premium”, “codecademy”, quality courses on “Lynda”, “Udemy” of “Pluralsight”.

Use online resources

to learn programming at the comfort of your home.

“FreeCodeCamp” and “Quincy Larson” are some of the options

you should try

if you are interested in programming.


Don’t Always Rush to Google Answer

‘The best quality of gold is passed through fire.’

If you want to be an excellent programmer,

try your best to solve problems

before turning to google.

Or doesn’t it make sense to seek solutions

when you are sure you can’t solve the problem?

Many at times,

taking some little time

to think is all you need to solve a problem

When you figure problems on your own,

they stick to your memory and you gain the confidence,

which is very crucial.

When you decide to use google, remember to:

  • Phrase search queries well
  • Apply what you learn in practical
  • Review people’s discussions about your search topic


Solve Problems in Your Head

Ideas flow at different times,


when we are quiet

and sometimes

when we get excited.

It is important to solve problems in the head immediately they come up.

Before you write down a problem on a whiteboard or on paper,

visualize it

and then proceed to a computer to implement the same.

Regardless of where you are,

if you get an idea,

create a mental picture

and try to implement it.

That allows you to test various approaches to problem solving and determine

if the resulting path leads to a viable solution.

Succeeding in programming is possible, just follow the above five strategies and you will be a prosperous programmer.


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