The earlier versions of steam were very quirky. I used to wait for long periods to download on steam. I feel like I am standing in a long queue. I know this is normal but it is actually slow.

I found that when I start downloading any game or anything close. It eventually stops and asks for the update. I always stroll for how to speed up steam downloads.

But I found the way out. I feel like a superman now. No more wait and no more worries. It has become speedy. Let me tell you how to speed up steam downloads.

If you don’t want to wait for long, come with me!

This Is The way Out

Read these step by step and apply these step by step. Do not miss any step among these. If you lack somewhere, it’s become difficult to reach. If you want the perfect solution.

Follow these steps.

  1. Make a right click at the steam icon in the system tray.
  2. Now, open the system settings page.
  3. There are many tabs available in the settings window where you can make magic with your fingers.
  4. In the settings window, many options are available but we are interested in (downloads + cloud).
  5. You have to select this tab (downloads + cloud).
  6. Two settings are available here that can give you answer about how to speed up steam downloads.
  7. Look at the drop down label; ” Approximate speed of your internet connection” should be set correct.
  8. If not, then immediately make it correct and set it properly.
  9. Let’s move ahead, now select the download region, drop it down.
  10. You have to choose the closest city or region. If it is set with your location already, search for any other or different steam server which should be less crowded.
  11. Now make a hit on the “connection speed “, chose the fastest available speed. Made it ok and go ahead.
  12. Adjust the settings, now you have to restart the steam client. You have to restart is before the change that you have made comes into an effect.
  13. Eventually, you will notice the magic. Your download speed will be like anything. It will become furious.
  14. I hope it’s gonna work but if it doesn’t then open again the download settings and start strolling until you find a server with low-traffic.
  15. This is how to speed up steam downloads.


I have discussed how to speed up steam downloads. These tips gonna boost the speed of your server. I was also very frustrated because I had to wait for long hours when I used to download. I ask people about how to speed up steam downloads.

But got nothing! With my efforts I made it happen and now I have shared with you.

I found the way out and that’s why I can tell you about this. If you have some suggestion or some other technique with you, kindly share that. I would appreciate your efforts. If you find this sharing of mine interesting.

Let me know!

FAQ’S About How to Speed Up Steam Downloads

1. Do I have to restart the system after making the changes?

Yes, you have to restart the system for sure, but restart it immediately before the system makes any changes according to your commands. You will be through.

2. How can I change the steam settings?

-It’s very simple, you just have to switch to your steam window, then you have to click on the “settings” and click on the “download” tab. Next choose the server closest to your region but that should be with less crowded.

-Now, click on the internet connection speed, hit the fastest speed and then hit ok. You are done!


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