Voice search has changed the dynamics of Search Engine Optimization.


there exists a great difference between

“how” we talk and

“what” we search.

Searching content is formal, while voice searches are always informal.

A majority of websites are programmed around algorithms

and are shaped around some written content.


things are fast changing

and voice search has become the main search vehicle.

As a result,

websites continue to restructure their contents to be voice friendly.

The SEO which powers the websites must be synchronized with voice search.

Ways of Optimizing Voice search

#1 Optimize Your Local Listings

Phrases such as ‘near me’ are commonly used in voice searches.

People look for doctors, boutiques and restaurants near them,

which is why location matters a lot in voice search.

There is always a higher urgency in voice search than in ordinary searches.

Your website should be correctly set for local searches,

especially for those doing business in localized places.

Pictures and customer reviews always improve the SEO.

Always remember to work on schema markups

by customizing the local segment of your website’s schema in order to show address, contact numbers, email ID’s and working hours.


#2 Mobile Friendly Website Optimization

Almost all voice searches happen from mobile phones.

Advances in mobile technology as well as smartphones has made it easier to use voice searches on mobile phones.

It is crucial to have your website optimized for mobile voice searches.

For customers and marketers,

mobile devices are more crucial than desktops.

To be mobile friendly,

it is important to take the “google mobile friendly test”.

After you clear the test,

your website gets ranked in the mobile searches, which means that you have high traffic.


#3 Optimize your site’s Microdata

Regardless of the amount of content created to target the voice driven search questions,

it can only be important if search engines understand whatever that you provide in them.

To have the best results,

always provide data that is clear to enable search engines to read the same at ease.

The “ambient” information is a major determinant of voice search.

Since many people will use the phrase “near Me”

to search for goods and services,

search engines must be able to tell your location in relation to the person searching.

How to achieve Microdata Optimization

  • Use the correct HTML formatting
  • Add micro data by the use of Schema Markup
  • Ensure that you include all the available XML information.


Implementation of Microdata Optimization

As a website owner,

how do you make all the information available on your website?

Google has enough documentation on rich tags

and how to add them to the site,

which is the appropriate place to start.

Tools such as Schema Creator

enable you to use proper tags as well as data for your pages.

Always remember

to include your address, business name as well as phone number

in the correct Schema Tags.


#4 Target long tail keywords

When you use short keywords,

you will face a fierce competition,

which will mean that

you will get scattershot visits and low ROI.

A better implementation of the long tail keywords

may pull in less traffic,

although the return on investment will remain proportionally higher.

You will attract the exact audience

that you will be looking for,

meaning that they will be more likely to purchase the goods or subscribe for a service.


#5 Think How People Speak

If you want to optimize your pages for “google Search”,

it is important to open the “Google AdWords Keyword Planner”

to know the number of searches per every keyword.

There is a difference between what people search and what people pronounce

when using a voice search,

which is why it is important to know how your target clients speak

and the exact phrases that they use.

For example,

a person looking for a restaurant in Texas

will search for “restaurants in Texas,”

while a person using the voice search

will pronounce: “restaurants near me.”

Voice search has turned to be the most popular and widely used way of buying goods and looking for places.


optimization of voice search is the tricky part,

which is the reason why we have listed the above five ways to help you optimize your website,

increase traffic and sell more on the online platform.


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