Many stores offer Nintendo Switch Screen Protector in x-in-one packages with limited options, which are perfect for those on limited budget. But if you have extra cash to burn, buying them one by one would be a great idea; not only would you get better items, you could also handpick those suit you most, though it may take you a while. But what do you really need and what do you don’t? Which are great to have and which are not helping? Read on and you’ll find out.

Before you go out and buy Nintendo DS accessories, you have to know the several must have items and why:

Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

First, screen protector is a MUST. Having a touch screen means having a more susceptible surface to scratching. That is why you need to cover both the touch screen and the top screen with screen protectors to elongate their lifetime. Most screen protectors are of the same quality so you don’t have to bother asking a different store. What you need to do is to check the quality of the installment Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protector.
Next, a good casing. A good Nintendo DS case is one that is sturdy enough to withhold its shape when stacked into your bag and padded enough to absorb the impact of falling should you fail to have a good grip on it. Try to get one which has extra room for storing extra game cards and stylus to improve your leisure time.
Another must have item is a cleaning cloth. This item would guarantee the brightness of your screens as well as the sensitivity of your touch screen. Don’t let that layer of dust beat you in the game! Choose one that looks like your glasses’ cleaning cloth. They won’t let a dust stick on and they won’t leave one either.
After you know how to pick the best must have accessories which preserve your DS lifetime, the next things you need to know are those which are practical:

Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Headsets are great for those playing in a loud environment so that you could concentrate more on your game. But please prefer those with big stuffy earpiece which are easier on your ears.
A strap makes your DS pretty. A long strap makes it easy to put on as a necklace, thus making it easy to carry your Nintendo DS around when you’re not carrying a bag, or just taking a break in the park. And a bigger hook means a safer strap.
You can’t live when your DS is out of power. But charging it up is a dull phase. Why not fashion up with a desk top docking station so that you could recharge your DS in style?
There are still several other accessories you could buy for your DS, but mostly only varies in color or fashion. So just pick one that suits your style best, or pick them according to a theme. That way, you’ll have the best Nintendo DS accessories for your dream Nintendo DS.


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