There is no doubt that

Yelp is a leading business review site

in the online arena.

When you are able to access other sites

that are similar to Yelp,

you are able to learn about any type of business.

That allows you to trust businesses or discover when they are dishonest.

Review sites

such as Yelp

are very useful whenever you decide to shop for products and services.

It is also

one of the best places

to check on when you want to change the company you are working for.

The best way to gather information online fakturaköp is by exploring the honest user reviews.

We have tried to get

the best alternatives to Yelp in the online world.

With the five website companies below,

you will read business reviews online

for almost all registered businesses in America.

Here are five business review websites like Yelp that you did not know.

The Five alternatives to Yelp:

Angie’s List

When you want to search for sites like Yelp,

Angie’s List is one of the best alternatives.

The now household name provides accurate and honest information

about local businesses to consumers.

As a user,

you pay a membership fee to write and read reviews.

Businesses sign up,

adds its profile details

and interacts with members through responding to reviews.

The website connects you

with business owners and local businesses,

which allows you quickly find what you are looking for.

Those businesses

that are highly rated earn advertising for discounts and deals.

Business owners get more brand awareness for their companies.

If you want to discover

the best online business reviews,

explore Angie’s list.

If you wish

to have your business listed


to claim your business profile,

just sign up using the “Angie’s List Business Center”


Four Square

One of the best Yelp alternatives

that you will find online is ‘Foursquare for business.’

With the website,

you can easily discover businesses all over the world


in your local area.

With Foursquare,

users are allowed to leave reviews for the public

to see what people think of a business.

For those

who look for online business reviews,

“Foursquare for business” is the place to be.

Famous for the check-in feature,

Foursquare allows local businesses with listings

to give customers to both check in and leave reviews and ratings for other customers who might visit.

When you sign for “Foursquare for Business”,

you are able access the user analytics,

offer customer rewards and add your personal tips.



Local is a leading site, just like Yelp.

For those

who look for neighborhood businesses of any genre,

Local is the website to visit.

From flower shops, restaurants to special boutiques, Local has all the information that you require.

The online business review site covers

only those businesses

that are located in the USA.

They boast of a large database of the US businesses online,

which makes it easily discovered.


Merchant Circle

Merchant Circle

is an excellent option


it carries with it huge volumes of local businesses.

The Merchant Circle

allows you to not only find local merchants


also receive amazing coupons


deals for the selected merchants.

The site provides you with expert support,

which allows you to precisely and quickly locate the merchant that suits your specific needs.

The site connects customers with advice, price quotes and deals from the small local businesses.

Search functions are structured


city as well as

business category

or by default.

The site ranks listings beginning with the highest rated and most viewed, down the way.

For articles

that assist new businesses in setting up,

the ‘MerchantCircle Help Center’ has the links.



If you own a business,

there is no better place to sign than Manta.

With Manta,

you increase your businesses’ visibility online,

giving you additional sales and leads.

The place also allows you to discover more businesses I your locality,

making it to be a top Yelp alternative in the online world.

They allow

you to either add your business to the directory


read the business reviews.

The small business directory assists the local American businesses

to connect with customers


with each other.

Despite reviews not being the primary function of the site,

customers are allowed

to leave reviews

to allow small businesses

to manage their online reputation.


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